Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Anggun is an Indonesian singer, who is now established in France and Canada (Montreal). This very attractive Indonesian girl, has found in France her love and made tremendous success with songs like "Snow in the Sahara" or "Cesse la
Here is Anggun from the clip "Cesse la pluie" or "Stop the rain".
Anggun is definitely representing the Indonesian girl smoothness and she is habited by the grace you find in the traditional Indonesian dancers

Anngun is now living mostly in France and Canada, where she is, now recognized as a famous singer, as well as an attractive girl, open to the people and trying her best to help to relief the pain of the less wealthy.

She participates regularly to the "resto du coeur" ( restaurant of the Heart) in France and she is an ambassador to the Unesco for the poorest children of the world.

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